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GPLAO is the leading global council for the accreditation of professional training. We have been at the forefront of working with education to create professional cultivation standards and techniques that work.


GPLAO reached a credit mutual recognition agreement with many well-known universities in the States and GPLAO is also coordinate with CIAI, AIPQMI,COSA, IPQMI,-----etc.
well-known international organizations to hold global financial, taxation, investment, law, wealth management, securities management, economics and e-commerce and other issues of international symposiums.

Help us Honor the Best of the Best in Professional Cultivation Nominate or apply for 2013 GPLAO Professional Awards.
Help us recognize outstanding projects, individuals and organizations and move the profession forward.

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As an international association, the GPLAO enables our members to develop robust expertise for managing the massive volumes of finance, accounting, and enterprise management generated by today's businesses. For the past years we have worked to bring recognition of professional cultivation issues to the world. As a result, the GPLAO has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of professional specifications and global standards, and education... 


The status of Courtesy Associate is offered to organizations with which the GPLAO wishes to...

foster a closer working relationship...


Fellow of the Year Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize one GPLAO member for outstanding contribution(s) to the development and advancement of the professional cultivation and contribution(s) to the Institute completed in the previous calendar year.


Flexible Program Scope-industries and service sectors. Starting with planning, budgeting and controlling programs extending further to Professional Cultivational and Accreditation in general and on to functional programs in risk management and compliance or corporate governance.

Title of License

1. CHR- Certificate of Human Resources
2. CTDP-Certificate of Talent Detection Professional
3. MDM-Master of Digital Marketing
4. CCP-Certificate of Compliance Professional
5. CPT-Certified Pet Trainer
6. CPG-Certified Pet Groomer
7. CPN-Certified Pet Nutritionist
8. CPC-Certified Pet Communication
9. MCWM-Master of Crypto Wealth Manager
10. MFP-Master of Fintech Professional
11. CFD-Certificate of Financial Director
12. CBP-Certified Blockchain Professional 
13. CFI-Certificate of Fraud Investigator
14. CFAD-Chartered Financial Analyst Designate
15. COD-Certificate of Organizational Development
16. MIPB-Master of International Priority Banker
17. MPM-Master of Portfolio Manager
18.  MAM-Master of Asset Manager
19. AFMA Advanced Financial Management Associate
20. CPC-Certificate of Psychological Counselor
21. MPC-Master Psychological Counselor
22. CLTCP-Certified Long Term Care Professional
23. MMA-Master of Market Analyst
24. PMP-Project Management Professional
25. CPE-Chartered Planning Engineer
26. MFA-Master of Financial Accountant
27. CRA-Certificate of Risk Analyst
28. MCC-Master of Cost Controller
29. CEMP- Certificate of Engineering Management Professional 
30. CEMP-Chartered Engineering Management Professional
31. CFBP- Chartered Fashion Beauty Professional 
32. MICP- Master of International Communication Professional
33. MCP-Master of Communication Professional
34. MHRA- Master of Human Resources Analyst
35. MTFM-Master of Trade Finance Manager
36. MECFP-Master of Economic Crime and Fraud Prevention
37. CAP-Certificate of Auditor Professional
38. CSA-Chartered Strategic Auditor
39. CIFRS-Chartered International Financial Reporting Standards
40. CTA-Chartered Treasury Analyst
41. MALCOLM-Master of Anti-Money Laundering Consultant
42. MITA-Master of International Tax Analyst
43. CTSP-Certificate of Treasury Analyst Professional
44. CFMS-Chartered Financial Modeling Specialist
45. MCP-Master of Compliance Professional
46. MeCC-Master of eCommerce Consultant
47. MSMP-Master of Security Management Professional
48. MTPSP-Master of Transfer Pricing Specialist Professional
49. MPMP-Master of Project Management Professional
50. MECC-Master E-Commerce Consultant
51. MCA- Master Credit Analyst
52. MCE-Master of Corporate Economist
53. MCO-Master of Compliance Officer
54. MMA-Master of Marketing Analyst
55. MMA-Master of Mortgage Analyst
56. MITA-Master of International Tax Analyst
57. CFC-Chartered Financial Controller
58. RFA-Recorded Financial Analyst
59. MWM-Master Wealth Manager
60. CPMP-Certificate of Pension Management Professional
61. MPAM-Master of Pension Analyst Management
62. MEPSP-Master of Education Planning Specialist Professional
63. CMFMO-Chartered Municipal Finance Management Practitioner
64. MCMFMA-Master of Certified Municipal Financial Management Accountant
65. MCPF-Master of Certified Public Finance Management Accountant
66. MCIP-Master of Certified Insurance Professional
67. MCIB-Master of International Banker
68. CIM-Chartered Investment Manager
69. NOPMP - Non/profits Organization Project Management Professional
70. CCMP-Chartered Catering Management Professional
71. CNP-Chartered Nanny Professional
72. CHRBP Certified / Chartered Human Resources Business Partner
73. MDMP-Master of Digital Marketing Professional
74. MAOM-Master of Administration Office Manager
75. MSMP-Master of Sales Management Professional
76. CPRM-Certified Public Relation Management
77. MDAS-Master of Digital Advertising Specialist
78. MFBS-Master of Forecasting and Budgeting Analyst
79. MPRA-Master of Public Relations Analyst
80. CCAP-Chartered Compliance Analyst Professional
81. CCA-Chartered Coffee Appraise
82. CWA-Chartered Wine Appraise
83. CBC-Certificate of Business Communication
84. MSP-Master of Scheduling Professional
85. CPP-Chartered Project Planner
86. MCAP-Master Contract Administration Professional
87. CCM-Chartered Contract Manager 
88. MPCM-Master of Project Cost Manager
89. MHRDP-Master of Human Resources Director Professional
90. MORM-Master of Operational Risk Manager
91. MLI- Master of Lead Interviewer
92. MBS- Master of Business Strategist
93. CHRMC-Chartered HR Manager certification
94. CHRP-Chartered HR Practitioner
95. TMPC-Talent Management Practitioner Certification
96. CFT-Chartered Fortune Teller
97. CFSP-Chartered Feng Shui Professional
98. CREP-Chartered Religious Etiquette
99. MCRE-Master Certified Religious Etiquette
100. MITSM-Master of Information Technology Service Management
101. MIIMP-Master of International Information Security Management Professional
102. MALE-Master of Advanced Leadership Expert
103. MCSCM-Master Certified of Supply Chain Management
104. MIPB-Master of International Private Banker
105. MMP-Master of Media Practitioner
106. MTAMP-Master of Trustee Analyst Management Professional
107. MBA-Master of Blockchain Analyst
108. MDSP-Master of Data Science Professional
109. MRMO-Master of Risk Management Officer
110. MICSP-Master of International Communication Specialist Professional
111. MSBA-Master of Strategic Business Analyst
112. MLDM-Master of Learning Development Management
113. CIISA Certified International Information System Auditor ™
114. CCBMP-Chartered Coffee Bean Mixer Professional
115. CPB-Certified Public Bookkeeper
116. CMA-Chartered Management Accountant
117. MWDP-Master of Web Design Professional
118. CFA- Certificate of Financial Analyst
119. CITM-Chartered Information Technology Management
120. CC-Chartered Cosmetology
121. CM - Certificate of Mechetronics
122. CISA - Chartered Information System Auditor
123. PMP - Project Management Professional
124. CNM - Chartered Network Management
125. CCM-Chartered Catering Management
126. CHMP-Chartered Health Management Professional
127. CHMP-Chartered Hospitality Management Professional
128. Master of Nameology
129. CMP-Chartered Manicurist Professional
130. CHP-Chartered Hairdresser Professional
131. ACM-Accredited Certificate of Masseur
132. CFA-Certificate of Flower arranger
133. CLA-Chartered Landscape architect
134. CAP-Chartered Agronomist Professional
135. MIM-Master of Innovation Management
136. MKM-Master of Knowledge Management
137. MME-Master of Medical Examiner
138. CJA-Chartered Jewelry Appraiser
139. MJA-Master of Jewelry Appraiser practitioner
140. CAA-Chartered Agarwood Appraiser
141. CBP-Chartered Biotechnology Professional
142. MBP-Master of Biotechnology Professional
143. CAP-Chartered Acupressure Professional
144. MAP-Master of Acupressure Professional
145. BC-Baking Certificate
146. CTEP- chartered Trust and Estate Professional
147. CSHP-Chartered Safety Health Professional
148. MLTM-Master of Leisure and Tourism Management
149. CHF-Chartered Healthy Food Professional
150. MC-Master of Chef
151. MBEP-Master of Business Etiquette Professional
152. MICP-Master of I-Ching Professional
153. MTMP-Master of Traditional Medicine Professional
154. MNMP-Master of Natural Medicine Professional
155. MTHPP- Master of Traditional Health Preservation Professional
156. CFM-Certified Financial Manager
157. CTPREM-Certificate of Taoist Priest and Religious Etiquette Manager


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